A letter from Yula (former GV student)


How’s It going In CALOUNDRA? ^^

As you know I am in Melbourne to study TESOL. I am having fun here; all things are totally different and new, in particular it’s colder than the Sunshine Coast.  However, I always miss my hometown  Caloundra.  Wherever I go and when I meet new friends I always recommend  Caloundra^^ especialy GV.  I want many other students to know GV Caloundra so that they can enjoy the happiness that I had there . 

That’s why I will send you one of my friends from Korea. I proudly recommended GV to her. She is coming in the middle of September. but, she dosn’t know anything. How to apply, how  much  accommodation is etc  .

I trust you to help my friend and await your reply.

P.S: I especially want my friend to study with PATTY^^but I suppose it all depends on her level^^ 

I will probably be back in Caloundra in the middle of December with my 3 sisters & brothers.  I will show everything to them.

See yaa, YULA

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