Winners are grinners

Pa090017 Nathalie Sam Taeil Eduardo Clair

Pictures from left: Excited staff and students cheer the horses on.   WINNERS: Nathalie from GV staff. Sam from Sue’s Class. Taeil From Stephanie’s class with prize money on the table. Eduardo from Nicole’s class. Clair with the winning tickets from Nathalie’s class.

This afternoon we had a great chance to do a real-world listening task when we watched the Melbourne Cup on TV. GV students, staff and employees from Cadet joined together to cheer on the winning horses. The atmosphere was great and like many Aussies GV students also entered a sweep in their classes. The teachers also had a sweep and our new teacher Nathalie was lucky enough to win.

(WHAT IS A SWEEP? A sweep is a friendly way to bet on a horse race. Groups of people in an office or factory get together to watch a race. Before the race starts they must buy one or more tickets foten by picking them out from a hat. Each ticket has the name of one of the horses and there is only one ticket for each horse. If your horse wins you can win all the money. In the Melbourne Cup there were 24 horses and 24 tickets so if each ticket was $1 the prize money is $24 – not bad!)

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