Welcome to the Sunshine Coast 23/03/20

This morning Lexis Sunshine Coast welcomes 2 new students to join our Lexis Family!


We welcome Geunhee (Jessica) from South Korea and Gian from Switzerland.

Jessica E1584927725646

Geunhee (Jessica) is from Kwang Ju, South Korea. Back home she works in customer service but she is looking at becoming a qualified Chef once she improves her English. Jessica decided to study English in Australia because she was here 8 years ago and has lots of great memories so she has decided to come back, study English then go to TAFE and study cookery. 

Gian E1584927746666

Gian is from Schatthausen, Switzerland. Back home he is a carpenter. Gian needs to study English for his wood architecture course in Switzerland and decided to travel to Australia because he has only heard good things about the country.

We hope you have an amazing time on the Sunshine Coast, but an even better time with us here at Lexis!

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