The GV Byron Bay Wedding

Congratulations to Wendy and Patrick on their marriage. GV Byron Bay was honoured to be part of their special Australian celebration.

Patrick and Wendy, Korean students at the school decided they loved Byron Bay (and each other) so much that they would get married here. GV Byron Bay was honoured to play a big part in the wedding with students, staff and teachers playing a role in the ceremony and helping to organise the reception party which was held in the newly completed student lounge at the School.

The school director officiated at the wedding and Louisa, a teacher, composed and sang a beautiful love song which was very much appreciated by the bride and groom. The party back at the student lounge was also a big success and many thanks to Sophie, our senior teacher, who prepared much of the food including a beautiful cake. It was great to see not only students but also Australian friends they had made in Byron Bay at the party.

All in all it was a fantastic day and we hope that Wendy and Patrick remember it for many years to come as the highlight of their time in Byron Bay.

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