Sydney – Flashback Friday: Study and surf lessons – 9 September 2022

Study and surf lessons on world-famous Manly Beach – that’s why so many international students come to Lexis Sydney to learn English.

Study And Surf Lessons Hero Image For Lexis Sydney

Wondering who teaches the surf lessons at Lexis Sydney?

Lexis Sydney has a longstanding relationship with our friendly neighbours at Manly Surf School.

A Group Of Lexis Sydney Students On Manly Beach For A Surf Lesson
Getting started: Tas of Manly Surf School takes Lexis English Students through the basics

Overlooking Manly Beach, Lexis Sydney is directly across the road from those world famous surf breaks, but the team at Manly Surf School have their school on the beach! They provide wet suits as well as surfboards to their students from their historic building on the shoreline.

Special rates are available to Lexis Sydney students as follows:

  • Join a group lesson for $55
  • Join 2 group lessons for $110
  • Join 3 group lessons for $150
  • Have 1 private lesson (1 teacher : 1 student) only $100

Lexis Sydney students can book online or by phone – please make sure you leave your name with Lexis Reception so that we can verify you for the discounted rate.

Bottom line, Lexis Sydney offers the perfect set-up for international students who want to blend life-style with English studies – and have access to the city when the sun goes down.


Surf lessons on Friday Fun Day

Every Friday is Fun Day at Lexis Sydney and usually involves some kind of beach sports activity.

On 9 September the weather in Sydney was perfect. The skies were blue, the sun was shining and the water was twinkling. The students were really looking forward to their first surf lesson.

The pictures from the lesson below have been on display at Lexis for a couple of weeks already and they always draw a bit of a crowd as students pass, so it’s about time we got them into a blog for students to download!

Lexis teacher Ari and the Manly Surf School crew get all the credit for the pics – thank you! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Students Lie On Surf Boards To Learn How To Stand
Students learn the starting position
Lexis Sydney Students Practice Their Postures On Sand!
Getting the feel for it – almost ready for real waves
2 Students And A Lexis English Teacher Carry Their Surf Boards Into The Sea
The sun is out but the sea is cold. Wetsuits are a really good idea
Lexis Sydney Students Take Their Surf Boards To The Water'S Edge
Off they go




Manly Surf School Teachers Training Lexis English Students In The Water
Lexis English students with Manly Surf School teachers and someone out the back who looks like he’s graduated – heh heh



A Lexis English Student Crouches On Her Surf Board To Balance On A Reasonable Sized Wave



Why get lessons – couldn’t I just hire a board?

It’s easy to go hire a board and do your own thing in the surf but why struggle alone when you can learn quickly from an expert and have fun with your friends!

As you can see from the pictures, most of the students at Lexis Sydney got on their feet on their first lesson and caught a few waves. That’s a great result! And apart from that, Manly Surf School kept our students safe. Students got some great tips about beach safety and surf etiquette. Remember, although Manly Beach is well patrolled by life guards, it’s a long beach with dangerous currents that can run close to shore. Every year, these currents create big problems for beachgoers – it’s why Surf Life Saving organisations have a long tradition in Australia.

Later this year, the team at Surf Life Saving NSW will come and do a beach safety talk at the school. Timing is likely to be the end of October or early November. Stay tuned!


A Lexis Sydney Student At Her First Surf Lesson On Manly Beach


So when’s the next surf lesson?

We’ll be organising another trip to Manly Surf School – if you missed out you’ll get your chance soon!

Lexis Sydney Student Leaves The Sea After Her First Surf Lesson Looking Really Happy

Want to know more about Lexis Sydney?

The school provides quality education experiences in Elementary EnglishIELTS PreparationCambridge FCE and Cambridge CAEThe average class size is 12-15 and the school can accommodate approximately 438 students.

Open 13 hours a day Monday – Friday, Lexis Sydney has both day and evening classes.

Lexis Sydney is full for 2022. Contact us about enrolments for 2023!

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