Sydney – Awesome stone painting! – 17 April 2024

Unleashing creativity, one stone at a time! A creative afternoon with our Lexis Manly students.

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Some of our awesome students who participated in the workshop: Ozan, Hikari, Sonja and Dulce.

Welcome to Lexis Manly, where creativity knows no bounds! Our campus is committed to fostering an environment where students can explore their passions and express themselves through various mediums. Today, we’re thrilled to take you on a journey through our recent Arts and Crafts Workshop, where imagination flourished, and masterpieces were created. The workshop today was dedicated to stone painting, where each student got to uniquely paint their own stones.

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🎨 Unleashing their Inner Artist: 

At Lexis Manly we love to encourage creativity and to cultivate an appreciation for the arts among our students. The workshop began with an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Students eagerly gathered around tables adorned with an array of colourful materials – paints, brushes, stones and more. Guided by one of our passionate teachers, Delphine, they delved into a world where every stroke of the brush was an opportunity to bring their creative visions to life.

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🤝 Fostering Collaboration & Community: 

Art has a remarkable ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community among our students. Our workshop today encouraged collaboration and teamwork, as students shared ideas, offered feedback, and worked together to bring their artistic visions to fruition. By simply sharing tips and techniques with one another, students learn the value of cooperation and mutual support, skills that are essential for success in any endeavor. As the afternoon progressed, the students found moments to engage in lively conversations which was also great practice for their English speaking skills.

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🧑🏻‍🎨 Building Confidence & Self-Expression:

Participating in our Arts & Crafts workshop allowed students to express themselves in ways that may not always be possible through words alone. We provide a safe space for self-expression, where students can explore their thoughts, feelings, and self-identities through creative means. As they see their wonderful ideas come to life, and receive positive feedback from their peers and teachers their confidence grows, empowering them to embrace their unique voices and perspectives.

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Thank you to everyone who joined this creative activity!


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