Sydney – Popular beach sports Friday – 19 January 2024

Every Friday, Our Students Gather For Beach Sports After Class! Beach Sports

At Lexis Manly, we’ve established a beloved Friday tradition of launching into the weekend with exciting beach sports. Our campus is just across the road from the beautiful Manly Beach, and a short stroll away from the vibrant volleyball court. Regardless of the season, this activity stands out as one of our most popular, as our students relish the opportunity to stay active while taking full advantage of the breathtaking location of Manly Beach.

Studying abroad is an exhilarating experience, offering a unique blend of academic and cultural exploration. For our students, diving into the local lifestyle includes more than just hitting the books. One fantastic way to connect with the Lexis Manly community and stay active is by participating in this fun activity. 
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In the realm of education, fostering a holistic development for students goes beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. At Lexis Manly, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to explore their talents, build camaraderie, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. One such avenue is our weekly beach sports activity, where the sun, sand, and surf become the backdrop for a thrilling display of athleticism and team spirit.3 4 E1705644710439Our lively afternoons provide a fantastic chance to forge new friendships and deepen connections with peers from different classes. It’s an opportunity for everyone to hone their communication skills while reveling in the camaraderie of the Lexis Manly family. Mick, our dedicated teacher, organises this enjoyable weekly activity, imparting new skills to our students. Regardless of age, everyone delights in the shared enjoyment of outdoor time, extending the Lexis experience beyond the classroom.4 4 E1705644830132

For our students, beach sports offer a dynamic and engaging avenue to immerse themselves in local culture, make lasting connections, and stay physically active. Whether you’re riding the waves, diving into beach volleyball, or perfecting your beach tennis serve, the shores provide an unforgettable playground for both recreation and personal growth. So, grab your sunscreen, join a game, and let the beach become your ultimate arena for exploration and connection.

Thank you to everyone for joining these fun afternoons!


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