Sydney – Enjoying a guided beach meditation – 13 September 2023

Our amazing students enjoyed a guided meditation by the beach to reduce stress and improve their emotional well-being.

Meditation At The Beach

Taking the time for a meditation is an act of kindness towards yourself, it reduces stress and encourages new perspectives. In today’s special activity our students took on the challenge and learned about the impact of taking breaks, getting creative and self awareness. They took a moment to free their mind and put all the daily challenges aside, surrounded by the sound of the ocean and rays of sunshine our students learned about the power of meditation and mindfulness drawing.

Our students embraced this experience and did a great job in bringing their mind and body to the present moment and get immersed in the act of drawing.2 3 E1694652097312

With all the hard work our students put into their studies, learning a new language, discovering a different culture and forming friendships, it is important to focus on the well being and take mindful breaks. This workshop was a great opportunity to process and recharge for our students. It was great to observe how much they enjoyed it, we hope they will benefit from their new skills and continue to enjoy all the new experiences they make at Lexis Manly.

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Thank you to everyone who joined the meditation and mindfulness drawing today!


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