Sydney – Fun Geography quiz – 18 April 2024

Exploring the world: Geography Quiz at Lexis Manly!

Geography Quiz
Our winning team: Dava, Juan, Eva, Hanife and David!

Last night at Lexis Manly our wonderful students enjoyed a fun and interactive geography quiz. From the bustling halls of our beloved school to the far reaches of the globe, we embarked on a quest to test our knowledge of the world around us. Now, as we look back on this unforgettable experience, let’s take a moment to relive the excitement and reflect on the lessons learned.Whatsapp Image 2024 04 18 At 8.09.36 Pm E1713492849126

🌏 Exploring the world:

All of our evening classes gathered for the event in our student lounge, where the students got to choose a group of friends to complete the questions with. Divided into teams, our students competed in rounds covering a range of questions ranging from identifying continents and oceans to pinpointing capital cities and famous landmarks. With each question, we dove deeper into the intricate tapestry of our planet, unraveling its mysteries one answer at a time.
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🤝 Fostering Collaboration:

Participating in our geography quiz at Lexis Manly serves as a catalyst for fostering collaboration among students. As they gathered in teams to tackle the diverse array of questions, our students found themselves not just competing, but forming new bonds with their classmates. Each question becomes an opportunity for lively discussions, where ideas are exchanged, and perspectives are shared. By uniting their efforts towards a common goal, students discover the power of collaboration in achieving success and fostering a positive learning environment.

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🗣️ Practising English Skills:

By immersing themselves in the intricacies of global landscapes, students not only sharpen their geographical knowledge but also enhance their English proficiency. Through deciphering map legends, reading geographical descriptions, and discussing diverse regions in English, students navigate a linguistic journey that expands their vocabulary, improves their comprehension, and fosters their ability to express ideas fluently.

As they tackle questions and engage in discussions about the world’s wonders, students seamlessly integrate language learning with geographical exploration, transforming a simple quiz into a dynamic educational experience that leaves a lasting impact on their language skills and global perspective.

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Our evening teachers Alana & Carolina!

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No event at Lexis is complete without some fantastic prizes! Our winning teams were rewarded with some alcoholic beverages and fun games! Yet, the real prize is the shared joy of learning about the world, and making lasting memories with our awesome Lexis Manly family.

Thank you to everyone for joining this fun activity!


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