Sydney – Fun boxing class at Lexis Manly – 7 March 2024

An active afternoon at Lexis Manly: Boxing class with teacher Maggie

Boxing Class
Nozomi, Minami, Saltanat, Manami, Melisa and Minami with teacher Maggie

Studying at Lexis Manly is about more than studying English, every week we offer different activities to teach our students new skills beyond a language, discover new passions or purely have fun outside the classroom together. Our teacher Maggie, with her infectious enthusiasm for boxing, has introduced our students to the sport, through a fun, beginner class. Our students had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing today, including proper technique, footwork, and the art of self-defense.

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Engaging in boxing not only enhances physical fitness but also provides an enjoyable opportunity to challenge the mind and body. Beyond the physical aspect, boxing instills discipline, focus, and a sense of self-development, fostering a well-rounded approach to the students’ personal development. As they learn various techniques, students gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities, influencing their approach to both academic and personal challenges.

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The boxing class today emphasised the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and unity here at Lexis Manly. Students not only developed individual skills but also learnt the importance of mutual respect and supporting one another, which created an overall, positive environment where our students were able to motivate and support each other. This sense of camaraderie will extend beyond the boxing session, contributing to a cohesive and inclusive school community.


Our active afternoons here at Lexis Manly are always a great chance for our students to balance the hard work in the classroom with a fun and social activity in the afternoon. It is a great opportunity to meet students from different classrooms and practice speaking and listening skills.

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Thank you to everyone for joining this active afternoon!


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