Sydney – Farewell to 14 lovely graduates – 23 June 2023

Today we are celebrating our 14 amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

Graduates 23.06.2023
Today’s graduates with their Lexis family

On this stunning winter day we said farewell to 14 of our lovely graduates, they have worked hard over the past 3-10 month. Especially after such a long time at Lexis Manly it is hard to say goodbye for our students, their classmates and teachers. It was a joyful and crowded graduation, all students made sure that their new friends were rewarded with a big celebration for their accomplishments.

All graduates will be missed around campus but we are convinced they will get up to many new exciting adventures. We are so pleased with the great English improvement that all student have archieved during their time with Lexis, with the help of their dedicated teachers, international friends and their own motivation. Congratulations on your graduation!

Jeni Teacher Mick E1687492562268
Jeni with her teacher Mick

Six amazing month of having Jeni in Manly are coming to an end. She is such a happy, talkative and fun person to have around, so it’s no surprise she quickly made friends with everyone, teachers, students even our staff will miss her dearly. Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine to our classrooms and spreading so much joy around our campus. You will be an amazing nurse one day, we hope your IELTS preparations will get you the great exam results you are hoping for to fulfill the dream of your studies! For now, have a rest and enjoy your holidays in Indonesia before starting your next studies.

Jeni Ielts E1687490730452
Jeni celebrating with her IELTS class and teacher Sam

Shizukacaner With Their Teacher Ari E1687491569794
Shizuka & Caner with their teacher Ari

Shizuka, thank you for the positive attitude you had throughout your studies. She always arrived to class with a big smile on her face and kept smiling her way through the day. It was a pleasure to watch you improve your English. Enjoy your 3 month of holidays in Sydney before you start your work on a farm to extend your visa. We are happy to have you in Australia for at least another year and hope you make many more great memories and friends!

Punctuality is not one of Caner‘s skills but he sure knows now to entertain a classroom while studying hard. His English has improved so much over the past 8 month’s and he was not only a great student but also a friend to many. We are happy to know that you are staying in Sydney while waiting for your Master studies to begin – we hope to see you around again. All the best with your studies, stay as ambitious as you are!

Canershizuka Upper Int E1687492402828
Caner&Shizuka celebrating with their upper intermediate class and teacher Ari

Ana Luisa With Her Teacher Geovane E1687492511732
Ana Luisa with her teacher Geovane

Ana Luisa was with us for half a year, with a lot of dedication and hard work she has improved from an elementary level to graduating from intermediate today. Her drive to learn and happy attitude was amazing to have as part of the Lexis family. We are very proud of your improvement and will miss your great participation in class. Have a great time up the Gold Coast and enjoy the last weeks before flying back to Brazil to the fullest.

Ana Luisa Int E1687493188374
Ana Luisa celebrating with her Intermediate class and teacher Geovane

Ibrahim With His Teacher Dona E1687493295282
Ibrahim with his teacher Dona

We couldn’t be more proud of Ibrahim. When he first started his English journey at Lexis Manly he couldn’t speak a word of English, he got placed in the beginner class to learn the basics but now his English is fluent and we can almost consider him a true Aussie! It was amazing to watch how he always helped other students out and was very considering of everyone around campus. We are happy to see you graduating from Upper intermediate today but also sad to see you go. Your great improvement and impact on our school will not be forgotten. Enjoy your holiday’s in Bali and all the best for your move to Adelaide.

Whatsapp Image 2023 06 23 At 13.02.30 E1687493817561
Ibrahim with our campus manager Bronwyn

Marina With Her Teacher Nat E1687493889500
Marina with her teacher Nat

Marina will be missed by many, she has made a lot of international friends who will miss her dearly and even her lovely host family has a hard time saying goodbye. She settled in so quickly and always made an effort to talk to everyone around campus which helped her improve her English so much. Thank you for a lovely time and participating in so many fun workshops, you brought a lot of joy and fun to Lexis Manly. All the best for your upcoming farm work, we hope to see you again soon!

Marina Elem E1687494497185
Marina celebrating with her elementary class and teacher Nat

Yuakan With Her Teacher Brad E1687494547929
Yukana with her teacher Brad

Like many others Yukana started this adventure a bit intimidated, but it didn’t take long for her to make her first friends and from then on she just kept growing. She is such a hard working student who kept her eyes on her goal, we are proud to see you succeed! Her journey was impressive and her dedication has paid off. We are sad to see you go after 3 month but we know with an ambitious like yours the future will be bright. We are happy to know that you will stay in Sydney for the next month and might even start your studies here. All the best for your future!

Yukana Inter E1687495045448
Yukana celebrating with her intermediate class and teacher Brad

Our congratulations go to:

IETLS preparation course finishers

  • Jeni Lestari

General English graduates

  • Upper-Intermediate – Alisan Celtek, Caner Tumay, Ibrahim Kavasoglu, Ricardo Cordeiro Da Silva, Shizuka Kamiya
  • Intermediate – Ana Luisa Fernandes Pedrosa de Oliveira, Martin Diaz, Yukana Yamamoto,
  • Pre-Intermediate – Nozomi Nishi, Sandra Maria Cejas Arjona, Sucheewan Chantabul,
  • Elementary – Dario Rodrigues Da Silva Neto, Marina Sunohara


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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