Sunshine Coast – Fun Nutbush Workshop – 9 October

Do you know a fun way to spend a Wednesday afternoon? DANCING!

Yesterday afternoon the students took part in a Nutbush workshop, hosted by a previous world record holder! The students had such a fun time, moves were made, and many laughs were had!

In Australia, there is a dance that is etched into the country’s cultural fabric, known as the Nutbush! The Nutbush is inspired by the song “Nutbush City Limits'” by Tina Turner released in 1973. The Nutbush dance is a combination of simple, energetic steps that make it accessible to dancers of all levels. It starts with a swaying motion from side to side, followed by steps forward and backward. The song itself encourages dancers to shout out the lyrics and immerse themselves in the rhythm, making it an interactive and dynamic experience.

Australians embrace it as a popular dance at weddings, parties, and community gatherings. It’s not only a fun dance but also a unifying experience that brings people together, regardless of their age or background.

This time it was the students who were boogying to the song! The workshop started off with the students warming up their muscles to prepare themselves for dancing – and showing off some of their own moves! Then the instructor, Luce, took the lead and taught the students the Nutbush moves. The group spent some time practicing the choreography they’d learned before jumping straight into the dance.

Nutbush 1

Nutbush 2

Nutbush 3

Nutbush 4 Scaled E1699495407535


Nutbush 6 Scaled E1699491982502

Nutbush 7 Scaled E1699492025570


Our amazing students had loads of fun and did a fantastic job of dancing! We crowned 3 winners for their outstanding performance and enthusiasm!

Nutbush 9

The Nutbush dance is a fun, energetic, and culturally significant dance that has stood the test of time in Australia. It serves as a reminder of the unifying power of dance. Next time the students find themselves on a dancefloor, we know they will do an outstanding job of this iconic Australian Dance!


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