Sunshine Coast – BBQ – 14 October

Today we had a BBQ at Cotton Tree Park. 

It was a beautiful day on Sunshine Coast, and we had a great time with our students!

We cooked typical Australian food; sausage sizzle and the students couldn’t wait to try it!

Bbq Sunshine Coast

We also cooked vegetarian burgers for our lovely vegetarian students!

Bbq At Sunshine Coast

Roella, Keika, Vlamir and Nick professional Chefs were helping with the barbie.

Bbq Sunshine Coast

Everyone enjoyed a sausage with a bit of Tomato or Barbecue sauce.


Lexis Sunshine Coast is located just moments from the beautiful Maroochy beach and is one of Australia’s most attractive learning environments, providing outstanding study resources, recreational facilities and captivating views from our three floor campus. If you want more information on the courses that we offer, click here.




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