Patric Wickli scores an “A” in the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English exam!!


A huge ‘Well Done’ from everyone at Lexis to Patric Wickli, who this week found out that he had scored an elusive “A” in the CAE exam.

Here Patric tells us about how he achieved it and his experience here at Lexis English | Byron Bay!

Amy: How did your teacher Ian help you to achieve your fantastic CAE result?

Patric: What most impressed me was his knowledge of English – I know he is an English teacher – but his knowledge was amazing, and really impressive. He was also a good help for me because I read a lot of books during my time here, and he was a huge help if I had any questions about the vocabulary.

Amy: Tell us about your experience studying here at Lexis Byron!

Patric: I had a really good time with all of the friends that I made here – I didn’t feel like I was in school – in Byron it was just like going to meet up with friends. Of course there is a school feel, and we all want to improve our English, but we are here because we want to be here, not because we have to be here.

Amy: What would your advice be for anyone else that wants to get an “A” in their CAE exam?

Patric: My advice would be to watch series instead of movies – because you keep hearing the same voices; and read a lot of books – I think it is important if you have a CAE level of English not to only read simplified books, because the real books teach you the real language.

Amy: Any other final words?!

Patric: Yes – Ian did an amazing job and really supported all of us. I think everyone in the class liked him. Big thank you to Ian!

And there you have it! Congratulations to Patric on his amazing result and all the best for the future!!

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