Noosa – Beautiful BBQ in the Park – 22nd May

Yesterday afternoon, Lexis Noosa put on a classic Aussie BBQ for the whole school to enjoy!

We gathered the school together to celebrate our students and teachers finishing the end of their study books and finishing the study term! Our hard-working students spend 10 weeks in their classes making friends, building relationships and learning lots of English. After 10 weeks, depending on their improvements, most students get the opportunity to move up a level and into a new class. As a celebration of their achievements and to enjoy one last hoorah with their fellow classmates, we held a school BBQ for everyone to enjoy.

Academic manager, Rob, as the ‘Grillfather’.

Australian barbecues, commonly referred to as “Aussie barbies,” are an integral part of Australian culture. Barbies are often held in backyards, parks, beaches, and camping sites throughout the country. They are not only a way to cook food, but also a social gathering that brings family and friends together. Australian barbecues typically feature a variety of grilled meats, however the most popular includes sausages (known as “snags“). A sausage sizzle consists of snags in bread with fried onion and sauce on top.

Our students enjoyed the picturesque autumn day by kicking the ball around, sitting on picnic rugs in the sun and eating a good old sausage sizzle cooked by the ‘Grillfather’.

Bbq3 Bbq4


Overall, it was a relaxing afternoon for everyone as we all enjoyed the sunshine, great food and even better company!

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