Noosa – A warm welcome to 11 new students – 29th January

Welcoming 11 new students at Lexis English Noosa

Today, Lexis Noosa extended a warm welcome to 11 new students who are embarking on their English language journey in the Sunshine State. This diverse group represents an array of countries from nearly all continents, each bringing forth a unique story, a rich cultural background, and a shared enthusiasm for a rewarding educational experience. We are delighted to have all of you join us!

Following an orientation day, which included a writing and speaking test, they will commence their assigned classes tomorrow. This week marks the beginning of their academic endeavours, and we are excited to offer our support throughout their distinctive journeys. We eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions each student will bring to our campus and are thrilled to witness the transformative impact of their presence within our Lexis Noosa family. The addition of these new students enhances the diversity of our school, creating a vibrant atmosphere for learning and fostering international friendships. We look forward to celebrating all their accomplishments!


New Starters 1


Today’s starters come from the following countries:

  • Carolin from Germany
  • Nicole from Germany
  • Ajka from Switzerland
  • Philip from Switzerland
  • Luana from Switzerland
  • Arika from Japan
  • Kento from Japan
  • Hiraku from Japan 
  • Olga from Paraguay
  • Samuel from Colombia
  • Daniel from Colombia

Each student at Lexis Noosa has chosen to pursue English studies for different reasons. For instance, Hiraku plans to start university in April and is utilizing the time until then to enhance her English skills. Olga, from Paraguay, completed school last year and also came to Australia to improve her English. Ajka from Switzerland opted to come here to escape the Swiss winter and improve her English for professional reasons.


Welcome to Lexis Noosa, where language learning is an adventure!

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