Moon Ki farewells GV Caloundra

When I arrived at GV for the first time, everything was strange and was different from what I had thought. Lots of people in our class were Korean so that  wasn’t helpful for me. But it was a good opportunity to make up my mind to study hard and to speak only English.  As a result, I was able to move to the Intermediate class. I was really pleased due to studying with many foreign friends and being able to hang out with them. I had a really good time in that class. The more I paid attention to class, the better my english became. My teacher(Andy) usually told  me, “that I was his pet.” (It describes a  person who follows their teacher very well.)  Fortunately I moved class again to the Upper Intermediate. I can say that the Upper Intermediate class was the loveliest class: lovely teacher, lovely friends. I used to enjoy many extra activities such as going fishing, having a barbecue and so on. I did love coming to school to meet my friends, so much, that I wasn’t  absent at all since I started studying. Today I graduate from this lovely school with lots of good memories. I will miss everything. Thanks GV.P2010194-Moon-Ki

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