Michael Schanner moving on

Michael Schanner would love to return to Noosa, this is what he says.

Michael Schanner

Dear All,

I am very happy to give you a response about my experiences in Noosa and especially at Global Village.

When I first came here I was wondering how it would be on the day when I had to leave Noosa and now I’m sitting here on the beach and thinking back over 3 months without a care in the world.  I felt like a teenager and that was a really great feeling.  Every day I got up at 8am, took my lovely prepared lunchbox from my host family and rode to school.  On the way to school there are a lot of students walking on a path through a small forest and at this point I first realised the amount of multinational students who are all going to Global Village.  Before I decided to do an English course in a foreign country I was looking for the best place in my opinion.  I wanted to improve my surfing and my English as well and I decided there was no better place to combine these two things.  Noosa is famous for its natural environment, pristine beaches and for a dramatic hinterland landscape.

Little did I know that I had chosen the right place to study.  The teachers are very friendly and helpful all the time with any of your needs.  The host families are well selected and very soon you will feel like a member of the family. The level of education, especially for CAE students is high however there was no point I felt lost or out of place. If there is a subject you need to improve you can get extra lessons in the afternoon.  If there is a problem they will find a solution.

Now I am looking forward to going back home but on the other hand I am sure that I will miss Noosa, Global Village, Surfing, my Homestay Family and the feeling of being a teenager.

I want to thank you all for a great time and wish all present and future students good luck in reaching their personal goals.  If I get the chance to come back I won’t hesitate, even for a second.

Maybe I’ll be back to see the sunset on another day …



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