Lexis Brisbane – Welcoming Monday’s New Arrivals! – 30.08.23

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!

On Monday, we welcomed 9 new students to the Lexis Brisbane family!

Haruhi, Ayako, Kanako and Yuki joined us from Japan, Daniel from Colombia, Bennet from Germany along with Mustafa, Jem and Muzaffer from Turkey.

New 30

It was so lovely to welcome this wonderful bunch of new arrivals to the family and we cannot wait to watch them flourish and achieve their English goals.

At Lexis Brisbane, we offer a comprehensive range of English language programs designed to meet your individual needs and goals. Our dedicated team of teachers is committed to providing you with the best education in an engaging learning environment. We believe in interactive and communicative learning, ensuring that you actively practice your English skills through group activities, discussions, and real-life situations.

Apart from our excellent language programs, we also encourage cultural exchange and provide various opportunities to explore the Australian way of life. Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, offers a wonderful blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. You’ll have the chance to discover its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, beautiful parks, and stunning coastline while practicing your English skills in real-world contexts.

Once again, welcome to Lexis Brisbane! We can’t wait to watch you accomplish all of your goals!

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