Lexis Brisbane – Our Graduates from Friday! – 15.12.2023

Intermediate 1B Jihye

At Lexis English Brisbane, we once again congratulate a group of students who have successfully completed the challenging process of learning English. As a new class of students finishes their English studies, Lexis English Brisbane is exploding with pride and excitement. We say a heartfelt goodbye to our latest cohort of graduates: Kanako and Ryunghyo (Elementary), Tzu-Hsuan (Pre-intermediate), Armagan, Jihye, Yunju and Chia-Yu (Intermediate), Axelle, Ibrahim and Lukas (Advanced), and Jose Manuel and Satoshi (IELTS).

Adva 1A Lukas And

In addition to helping students master the complexities of the English language, the diverse student body at Lexis English Brisbane fosters an inclusive and immersive learning environment that ensures students gain a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of the language. Students have access to a wide range of experiences, beyond the traditional classroom setting, that support both their academic and personal development.

Ele 1A Kanako And Irene

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