Lexis Brisbane-Graduation Day-26.01.2024

We bid farewell to our exceptional cohort of graduates from the Brisbane campus.  Finishing up, we had Daijiro, Rio, Shuya, Yi-Chen, Miwa, Nayeon, Gyeongeun, Ian, Maxime, Pablo, Ahmed, Seonghwan, Patrick, Eri, and Misaki!  We reflect on the incredible journeys each one of you embarked upon during your time at Lexis English. Your commitment, resilience, and enthusiasm have left an indelible mark on our community.

Grad Stu 1 1

Rio from Upper-Intermediate 1B

Throughout your time here at Lexis, you have not only honed your English language skills but also pursued personal aspirations with unwavering determination. The diversity of your goals reflects the richness of experiences that have unfolded within our classrooms. Whether it’s pursuing higher education, advancing in your careers, or exploring new horizons, your paths diverge, yet your shared time here unites you.

Grad Stu 2 1

Miwa and Ella from Intermediate 1B

As you step into the next chapter of your lives, armed with the knowledge you sought, we encourage you to continue embracing challenges and seizing opportunities. The bonds forged with teachers and fellow students will remain cherished memories, and the skills acquired will serve as powerful tools in realizing your ambitions.

Grad Stu 7

Nayong from Intermediate 1D

We hope your journeys be filled with success, growth, and fulfillment. Remember, you’re not just graduating Lexis English; you’re taking a piece of it with you wherever you go!

Grad Stu 4 1

Daijiro from Upper Int 1C

Grad Stu 3 1

Misaki from Upper-Intermediate 1A

Grad Stu 5 1

Pablo from Elementary 1B

Grad Stu 6 1

Maxine from IELTS

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