Lexis Brisbane – How to find hospitality work with Barcats – 29 September 2022

Yesterday at Lexis Brisbane, we were fortunate to have Monica, Ashleigh and Joe visit us and introduce our students to Barcats. It was very beneficial to our students who are currently looking for work in Brisbane.  Monica From Barcats Giving A Presentation To Lexis Students

What is Barcats?

Barcats is an online platform that focuses on connecting the hospitality industry. Not only does Barcats connect job seekers with employers, they also provide training and upskilling opportunities for people looking to work in the hospitality industry.

The platform is clear and simple for our students to use, making it easy for them to apply for jobs and start working quickly.

There are also opportunities for ‘Rockstar shifts’ which are one-off or last-minute shifts at a range of venues around Brisbane. These shifts are excellent for students as they are flexible and are a great way to pick up extra work.

You can check out the Barcats platform here.

Ashleigh From Barcats Giving A Presentation To Lexis Students

Why did they visit Lexis Brisbane?

At the moment, there are many great opportunities around Brisbane in the hospitality industry. Barcats came to Lexis Brisbane to introduce our students to their platform and help them start looking for hospitality work. After a quick presentation, our students were able to set up profiles and start applying for jobs right away. The wonderful Barcats team helped our students without hospitality experience set up profiles that show off their transferrable skills for the hospitality industry.

Students Setting Up Their Profiles On Barcats

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