Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 15.03.2024

As we say goodbye to our cherished students Nadine, Momoka, Elsa, Hiroto, Hamdi, Shana, Nasantogtokh, Manon, Guillaume, Louis, Graziano, Justine, Zeno, Killian, Issei, Saki, Kotoyu, Rina, Jota, Rikuto, Kanae, Saya, Yuka, Noa, Honoka, Ryota, Oki, Vera, Jan, Mailin, Luca, Seoyeon, Jean-Baptiste, Erina, Kaho, Anais, Yuki, Minori, Eunhye, Jihye, Lina, and Natuski, emotions swirl within us—gratitude, pride, and a tinge of melancholy. Farewells mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another, and while it’s bittersweet, it’s also a testament to the growth and experiences shared.

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Nihon Fukushi Daigaku High School

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To our extraordinary students from the vibrant Study Group from Nihon Fukushi Daigaku High School, who undertook overseas study as part of their Global English Course, your time with us has been nothing short of inspiring. From the outset, you embraced the ethos of Lexis, immersing yourselves in the diverse tapestry of cultures that thrive within our walls, and dove into your studies with enthusiasm and excitement!  We are going to miss your bright and cheery faces, but we are so proud of everything you achieved with us.

As you embark on new adventures, carry with you the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the experiences cherished. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here; it’s a continuum of growth and discovery.

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Cambridge Advanced class with teacher Jayne

To our FCE and CAE students, we’ve witnessed your unwavering dedication and the pouring of your hearts into your studies, culminating in remarkable performances during your final exams. Your commitment to excellence is commendable, and your achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration for those who follow in your footsteps.

But beyond the academic triumphs, it’s the personal growth, the bonds forged, and the memories shared that truly resonate. You’ve enriched our community with your unique perspectives and indomitable spirits, leaving an indelible mark on Lexis and in our hearts.

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To all our dear students, as you head off on your next exciting adventures, know that you’ll always have a home here at Lexis English Brisbane. Farewell, and may your futures be bright with endless possibilities!

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