Lexis Brisbane – Advanced Class Photo Reviews- 7 July 2022

As you know, there is always something interesting happening at Lexis Brisbane. Last week, the Advanced class in our General English course did photo reviews. These budding photographers took some very artistic shots and wrote photo reviews for their classmates. Check them out below:

A Smiling Man In Front Of A Grey Circle With A Yellow Background

Review by David
Model: Albert

“Interstellar travel into the emptiness of space gives us a truly meaningful photo about how the ingenuity of the human race will conquer space in the near future.”

A Man Sits On Stairs Pondering Things.

Review by Miki & Albert (Mikbert)
Model: Alejandro 

The photographer plays with the foreground and background to frame the subject. The most interesting things about this picture is how the photographer uses a special technique that consists of placing a blurry object in front insead of the common technique which is to apply focus in the foreground. The photographer wants to transmit that you could encounter blurry obstacles but there is a clearness beyond them.



A Woman Wearing A Red Dress And Grey Blazer Walks Up Stairs

Review by Alejandro
Model: Brittany 

“Walking to the moonlight.”

The imperfection of this photograph shows us the difficulties we encounter in our life. The meaningful clouds in the sky depict that there is always light when we achieve our goals. Moreover the monument strives to be powerful for the woman as a symbol of the people that help you on your way to success


A Woman Wearing A Pink Jumper Sits In Front Of A Memorial Looking Sad.

Description by Koyu
Model: Koyu

This is a well-composed and expertly framed picture. The photographer correctly utilizes the “Rule of Thirds.” This photograph transmits to the observer a pleasant feeling due to the order of the composition. This is also an uncluttered photo that plays with order and simplicity. The more you observe the photo, the more you realize how well executed it is.


A Tall Man Standing Behind A Metal Fence Made Of Letters.

Description by David
Model: David

This is a very meaningful photo and gritty at the same time, because the photographer tried to evoke from the observer how difficult it is to start a new life in a new place in a different language. All of which makes you feel trapped in a prison of words that don’t make any sense to you.

A Tall Man In A Pink Jumper Standing In Front Of A Statue

Description by Koyu
Model: Miki

“In front of his iconic great-grand father.”

Look at his flawless and elaborate posture. This place is a sacred place for him and He stands in front of his great-grand father’s statue every Saturday at 10 am to purify his mind. The placement of these buildings and sky is truly well-composed and these buildings represent his family’s success!!



Thank you to the Advanced class and teacher Brittany for sharing their work with us. We really enjoyed reading your wonderful photo reviews!

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