I love Cairns

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Have you ever travelled yourself?
Acutually, I hate tours, but I love travelling by myself.
I have to make a plan, make bookings, stay camping.
I have to do everything myself! Even cook meals.
It’s not easy, but it’s so interesting, and of course, it’s freedom, isn’t it?
I’m writing about my recent journey below.
I’ve just been to Cairns for 9 days.
I visited three World Heritage Sites.
They are: the Big Waterfall, the Rainforest and of course, the Great Barrier Reef!!
Do you know?
The sea world is different to the world we live on.
I went diving and snorkling for a long time.
I couldn’t return our world too soon, because the sea world was really beautiful.
I could see even 40 metres in front of me. No way!!
In a year, I’ll get a diver’s licence, and then I’ll go there again.
Anything else??
I didn’t only go diving, but also rafting.
It’s a craz y activity, but really fantastic!!
After I went back to backpackers, I was still hot!!
You can battle with nature through rafting.
For the final three days, I hired a car, and then I went around 6 water falls, crater, lake, zoo and special park.
I can’t write anything more, so I just want to say….
‘ Go yourself !!’
Don’t forget that someone who make your life is you!!
thank you for reading.

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