Graduation 13.03.20.

116733393 Happy Graduation Day Lettering And Colorful Air Balloons Vector Illustration

Congratulations to all our students who graduated today.


Best wishes to you all.  

Maddies Class 1 E1584061077926
Pei-Wen and Thamires from Pre-Intermediate class
Bens Class E1584061229980
Silvia from Intermediate class
Lukes Class 1
Yu and Claudia from Intermediate class
Alexs Class 1 E1584061682565
Sumethinee from Intermediate class
Rachels Class E1584061990738
Thais, Vitor,Julio and Camila from Upper Intermediate class
Eugenes Class 1 E1584077883614
Carlos from IELTS class
Jamies Class E1584062108601
FCE Class
Alisons Class
CAE class
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