Noosa – Colourful Paint By Number Fun – 24th April

Midweek Activity – Paint By Number Fun!

Midweek afternoons at school often call for a delightful break from routine, a moment to unwind and unleash creativity. At Lexis Noosa, students recently embarked on a colourful afternoon activity – ‘Paint by Number.’

‘Paint by Number’ canvases are specially designed canvases with pre-printed outlines of a picture or design, divided into numbered sections. Each number corresponds to a particular colour of paint. The purpose of these canvases is to provide a guided painting experience where individuals can fill in each section with the corresponding color, following the numbered guide. This method simplifies the painting process, making it accessible to people of all skill levels, including beginners. ‘Paint by Number’ kits typically include the pre-printed canvas, brushes, and instructions, offering everything needed to create a colorful masterpiece.

We had six students participate in this relaxing afternoon activity and found themselves forgetting about the hustle and bustle of academic life, and instead immersing themselves into a tranquil oasis of creativity. What makes ‘Paint by Number’ truly enchanting is the fusion of structure and freedom it offers. While the numbered sections provided a roadmap, students had the freedom to choose their colors and infuse their personalities into their creations. There are no rules or expectations, only the soothing rhythm of paint meeting canvas.

With some relaxing music playing in the background and a glass of rose, students had a wholesome afternoon at Lexis Noosa. Let’s take a look at their artwork they created:

Paint By Numbers Paint3 Paint2 Paint1 Paint

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