David revisits GV Caloundra


Student – Teacher relationships have to be one of the best parts of teaching. Friendships are formed and nurtured: experiences shared and memories treasured when in years to come we remember the ‘good old times’.

This campus opened September 07 and since then we have had the opportunity to meet and, in time, farewell wonderful students who joined us and became part of our school and little community.

When the time comes it is always sad to say goodbye, but, thankfully quite a lot of you keep in touch via email and some of you even visit.

Last week David returned to GV Caloundra to farewell us before he headed back to Korea. David was one of the first students to study with us here at this campus, so it was a touching gesture that he made his way from Sydney to say goodbye. I’m sure I can speak for Andy, Vivien, Spanish and Tanya as well, when I say: how wonderful it was to see David again and how much we will miss him.

So, I would like to say a special thank you: to all the students who think of us, who stop by to see us again before they leave and to all the students who email and send photos, including us in their lives by letting us know how they are and what they’re doing. We appreciate it!


Patty Thomas.

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