Chieko travels to Noth Queensland

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Hello,  I’ve been busy recently.
I thought I would get a farm job easily as long as I went to Bundaberg before I came here but the weather wasn’t good this year so some of farming areas have smaller crops of vegetables than usual. Bundaberg’s workers hostels arrange  jobs but some of hostels don’t have enough jobs for workers at this time. The hostel where I stay in sometime has a few people on standby for work so I’m lucky to get job.
Anyway thank you letting me know about the job on Fraser Island but unfortunately I’m going to north after I get a scuba diving license.  I’ll go to the Town of 1770, Airlie Beach, the Whitsunday Islands, Townsville and then Cairins. I wasn’t interested in the Whitsunday Islands before I came to Australia, but when I was staying in Caloundra some people recommended those islands so now I really fancy going there. I told someone I met on the road about this need to go to the Whitsundays and they said the reason why I must go there is because my soulmate (future husband!?) must be waiting for me there – so I really have to go. I hope I’ll find a job around there. See you!


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