Noosa – Celebrating Exciting Milestones – 1st December

Celebrating and saying farewell to a group of Lexis students as their chapter here in Noosa draws to a close.

Bidding farewell to a group of Lexis students in Noosa becomes an even more significant event this week, as not only are we celebrating the achievements of our General English graduates but also extending a heartfelt goodbye to our three Cambridge classes.

Graduation is a moment of reflection and celebration for each finishing student, acknowledging the diverse paths that led them to transformative milestones, personal growth, and the realization of lifelong dreams. Not only have these students acquired valuable knowledge, but they have also forged enduring memories and formed incredible friendships during their time at Lexis Noosa.

Among the General English graduates, we applaud the accomplishments of:

  • Mustafa Alyanak, Turkey Upper Intermediate
  • Nujen Tekay, Turkey – IELTS
  • Yudai Kaietsu, Japan – Pre Intermediate
  • Capucine Guerin, France – IELTS
  • Jihyeon Park, KoreaIntermediate
  • Chiara Corvaglia, Switzerland – Advanced
  • Emmanuelle Rose, Switzerland – PSGT
Yudai and his teacher Ismail
Chiara and her teacher Deb
Patrick and his teacher Chanelle
Nujen and her teacher Annette
Mustafa and Capucine with their teacher Natalie

Congratulations to these dedicated students for all of their hard work and achievements at Lexis Noosa. We wish you all of the best for your future and hope to see you again one day. Enjoy celebrating!

As Friday afternoon draws to a close, the courtyard at Lexis Noosa echoed even louder with cheers as our Cambridge classes finally drop their pens and celebrate! The journey of studying for a Cambridge exam is an exhilarating and rewarding experience for our students, involving an exhaustive assessment of language skills and countless hours of practice and preparation.

Studying for a Cambridge exam goes beyond content mastery; it’s about developing critical thinking skills and building confidence in effective communication. This journey demands discipline, perseverance, and a profound commitment to constant improvement. Successfully passing a Cambridge exam is not just an academic achievement; it’s a testament to dedication, unlocking a world of opportunities both academically and professionally.

From Cambridge FCE, we give a huge congratulations to the below students:

  • Alex Altuna Poll, Spain
  • Melissa Baumgartner, Switzerland
  • Larissa Brand, Switzerland
  • Li-Ko Chang, Taiwan
  • Graziela Estevao Domingues, Italy 
  • Livia Frieden, Switzerland
  • Michael Giolo, Switzerland
  • Salome Lutz, Switzerland 
  • Yui Matsuda, Japan
  • Carolina Moya Andia, Chile 
  • Ludivine Philippeau, France
  • Ane Rebelato, Brazil
  • Sakura Shimada, Japan
  • Tomohiro Uchida, Japan

Cambridge Fce Students Celebrating. Cambridge Fce

From Cambridge CAE

  • Silas Bachli, Switzerland 
  • Laura Barmettler, Switzerland 
  • Lukas Binder, Switzerland
  • Matteo Caluori, Switzerland 
  • Linda Di Puma, Switzerland 
  • Noa Heimler, Switzerland 
  • Laila Iten, Switzerland 
  • Nathalia Jacob Pinheiro, Brazil 
  • Luisa Kunz, Switzerland 
  • Yumi Okada, Japan
  • Aaron Schmid, Switzerland 
  • Lorine Stulz, Switzerland 
  • Rahel Waldmeier, Switzerland 


And from Cambridge CPE:

  • Michelle Haeller, Switzerland 
  • Simona Hippenmeyer, Switzerland 
  • Lorena Huber, Switzerland 
  • Noel Kulling, Switzerland 
  • Fabienne Meyer, Switzerland
  • Celine Muff, Switzerland 
  • Daniel Schramli, Switzerland 
  • Marco Streule, Switzerland 
  • Yasmin Weber, Switzerland 

Cambridge Cpe Students Celebrating.


Kudos to the 35 Cambridge students who have committed themselves and worked tirelessly over the past 12 weeks at Lexis Noosa. Your diligence and hard work have paid off, and we are immensely proud of each and every one of you! Let the celebrations begin!

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