Byron Bay – Veronica from Pre-Intermediate teaching WILL / WON’T / SHALL – 28 August 20

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Here’s a picture of Veronica in Pre-Intermediate teaching Ana about the grammar from the day before.  She’s confidently explaining – in English! – the meaning of  ‘will / won’t / shall‘ from Empower Unit 4B

She is explaining that we use WILL / WON’T for promises and requests, and SHALL for offers and decisions.Whatsapp Image 2020 08 28 At 1.49.48 Pm


Uses of shall

It should be noted that shall is often used to make suggestions, offers or ask for advice. It is used in questions as follows:

  • Shall we stay or go out?
  • Shall we dance?
  • Shall I get his phone number if I meet him?
  • What shall I do to get rid of my acne?

As said above shall is used with first person singular and plural (I and we.) But there is a very special use of shall with other persons to make a promise, command or threat as noted below:

  • You shall not get in! (Command)
  • You shall pay for it. (Threat)
  • You shall get your money back soon. (Promise)

In American English shall is mainly used in formal or legal documents:

  • You shall abide by the law.
  • There shall be no trespassing on this property.
  • Students shall not enter this room.


Try for yourself! Fill in the boxes with WILL / WON’T / SHALL.  Remember: they are ALWAYS followed by the infinitive verb:


1. John  fly to Paris next month.

2. I  go to the movie tomorrow.

3. My parents  visit my uncle next week.

4. The teacher  teach history next time.

5. We  play games in the playground.

6. Somchai  speak Chinese.

7. The girls  swim in the pool next Sunday.

8. Lek and Noi  buy a new bicycle.

9. My mother  clean the floor tomorrow.

10. I  write a letter next Monday.

Check your answers here:

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