Byron Bay – Meditative stone mandala painting – 13 January 2023

On Friday students learnt the meditative art of stone mandala painting and exhibited natural talent.


Meditative Stone Mandala Painting Img 7630 Scaled

Img 7637 Scaled


What is a mandala?


Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle,” however, mandala art can take any symmetrical shape. In Buddhism the creation process is connected to meditation. Painting and colouring mandalas is a process that invites you to think, relax and be creative.Beige Aesthetic Flower Photo Collage Img 7625 Scaled Img 7634 Scaled


What we used

  • Stones collected locally by Lisa, our Campus Manager
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton buds
  • Pencils


Img 7629 Scaled Img 7631 Scaled Img 7652 Scaled Img 7623 Scaled


While working on our mandala art, we played music and had great conversations on the topics of painting, colours, weekend adventures, living abroad, good food and more.


Img 7632 Scaled Img 7627 Scaled Img 7621 Scaled Img 7640 Scaled


Time flew by as we enjoyed the process of creating stone mandala art and inadvertently practised our English skills.


Img 7645 Scaled Img 7635 Scaled Img 7636 Scaled Img 7638 Scaled


When discussing art, the emphasis is taken off of accuracy and put onto fluency, expressing thoughts and ideas. For this reason, it can be great for students impeded by a fear of making mistakes.



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