Byron Bay – New Starters! March 2nd

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Navarro is from Italy. He lives in a small city called Chiampo with his parents and sister. He likes sports and in his spare time he goes to the gym or the swimming pool. He also like video games and technology. Along with some friends he created a communication agency which covers a broad range including social media, events, and photography. He works with his computer and camera to make videos for clients. He is in Australia to improve his English as it is a necessity for his work. 

Robin is from Switzerland. He is in Byron for the next 4 weeks to study English. 

Mattia is from Switzerland. He lives in a lovely house close to Zurich with his father, sister, and brother. He loves music and in his free time plays the drums. He also like swimming and biking. Last year he finished his apprenticeship while working for a real estate management company. He chose Australia to study English as he wanted to see something new and be far from home.

Marion is from Switzerland. In her spare time she loves to play volleyball and in summer, beach volleyball. She finished high school last year and decided to take a gap year and learn English in Australia and travel. It’s the first time she’s travelled alone and she’s excited to have her own experiences. When she returns to Switzerland she will study law.

Adeline is from France. This is her first time in Australia and she is studying English here so she can change her job and has worked in a bank as an insurance adviser for the past 10 years. She also chose Australia because of the beaches and sea as she has been practicing scuba diving for 5 years. She would like to be able to work anywhere in the world.

Jenny is from Germany. She loves to meet new people and her hobby is bouldering. She studies simulation technology which covers natural sciences, and has just finished a thesis on a robotic arm with a wheeled base which can pick up boxes. Jenny wants t study English in Australia because of the exotic wildlife she is hoping to see. 

Junho is from Korea. He lives with his parents and older brother. He is interested in sport and loves to play soccer and tennis. He graduated university this year with a degree in physical education. He would love to work in the sports industry and for that he needs to know English and chose Australia to study because of the great beaches and wildlife. 

Lim is from Korea. He loves to listen to music and watch movies. He is currently at college majoring in international trade and needs English to finish his degree. He is in Australia for 10 months to learn English. Once he graduates from college he will work for his parents in their manufacturing company.

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