Byron Bay – Make a Bag! February 21st

This is a fantastic activity! Not only did we recycle an old t-shirt and make a functioning bag, but we’ve also learned a new skill.  

Img 4274 E1582581257139

First we start with an old t-shirt, then we cut away the neck and the sleeves.

Img 4276

Next we cut strips from the bottom of the t-shirt upwards.

Img 4278

Once we had finished cutting the strips all the way across, we then tied knots into each strip. 

Img 4280

Some students didn’t want the tassels showing which meant they had to turn the t-shirt inside out before the tied the knots.

Img 4286 E1582580548611
Img 4300 E1582520056585
Img 4294 E1582520125817
Img 4290 E1582520178860

Everyone is very happy with their new improved t-shirts😉. 

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