Byron Bay – Food! Part 2 – 15 September

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Cooking with Veronica and the Pre-Intermediate team: Ana, Ana and teacher Michelle

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On Friday 11th we had a special treat from our lovely student Veronica.

She is learning about food language:

VERBS mix, cut, chop, dice, stir, fry, steam, bake, grate, add 

NOUNS chopping board, frying pan, lid, oven etc; onion, pepper, pineapple etc.

ADJECTIVES raw, cooked, uncooked, frozen

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Together with Ana and Ana, Veronica cooked up a storm of vegetarian Brazilian food.

They started the lesson looking at some cooking language, before preparing the food.

They were very well prepared with cookers, frying pans, pots with lids, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, plates, tea towels, and even chefs aprons.  Also, all the things for washing up.

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Baby polenta and celery

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ENTREE 1: Kale salad with tahini dressing and garlic cauliflower

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ENTREE 2: Egg with raw apple and celery salad

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MAIN: Beans with beetroot, marinated tofu, fried polenta and rice

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After the main course there was more!  Dessert was::

🍮 rice pudding (arroz doce) and strawberries

🍮 Brazilian dutch pie (cream pie) 

🍮 white brigadeiro (de leche) 

The room was set up as if it was a restaurant, and we (the guests) were treated to superb table service.

The meal was absolutely delicious.


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