Byron Bay – Farmers Market! Upper Intermediate

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It was a sunny Friday morning and I was still a little bit tired when I got to the bus stop.  But I forgot my tiredness as soon as I saw the bus, which was painted all over with flowers and colourful animals.
One ride cost me about $2, which I though was a good price, and inside the bus there was music playing and I saw some more decoration.  That all gave me a feeling of forgetting my worries and filled me with excitement for our journey.
After maybe 15 minutes driving, we arrived at the market and I got surprised by more music and a lively market.
It was really calm and there was no hurry, and even though it wasn’t the biggest market I’d ever seen, it had a lot of different stuff from a lot of different people.
The biggest part of the market was fresh food from farmers, who were very talkative and friendly.
At the market I learned a lot from the people ther and heard a lot of stories.
It was a great day.
Marc Fluckiger 
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On Thursday the 27th of February we met at 9 o’clock to catch the bus to go to the famous farmers market.  When I arrived at the meeting point I was stunned by the huge bus. It was an old fashioned double-decker  bus that was covered in flower paintings. Inside there was fun techno music which made the whole hippie experience complete. 
After 10 mins of driving we arrived at the farmers  market and the first thing I noticed was the lovely live music. There was a young artist who played his own written songs. As we strolled threw the market we saw a big variety of fruit and  vegetables as well as a lot of different baked goods. 
As we chatted with our teacher she told us that in order to sell at the farmers market the products have to be local. So all the products were from Byron or the small villages nearby which made it a special market in comparison to other markets. The relaxed vibes and the friendly people made the experience even more outstanding. 
I would recommend going there  to experience the awesome atmosphere and meet some lovely local people.

Tanja Rickenbacher

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