Byron Bay – Aussie Food Tasting – 13 May 2022


Today was a big day of feasting at Lexis Byron – the students threw their own farewell lunch for their graduating friends and then this afternoon’s activity was:


Aussie Food Tasting


We sampled a variety of classic Australian snacks, including vegemite toast, tim tams, lamingtons, fairy bread, pizza shapes and twisties.


Tasting 2


Tasting 3


Tasting 5


All of the chocolate flavoured treats were a big hit – the lamingtons and tim tams especially.


Both are staples in Australian childhoods. Lamingtons being more of a specialty/novelty item for special occasions and tim tams being a popular biscuit to enjoy with coffee or milk (the trick is to bite into two opposing corners and use it like a delicious straw).


Tasting 9


Tasting 10



Unsurprisingly the least favored snack was the vegemite toast, even with a small ratio(by local standards). There were many funny faces pulled, and the general consensus is that it’s too salty for most people’s tastebuds.


This was not the rule however – a few of our Spanish students liked it!



Tasting 11



Thank you to all of our students who participated with open minds and palates!



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