Andy escapes from college in a motorhome

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I recently had two weeks off from teachingand the need to visit family in Victoria, so instead of just flying South my son and I took a motorhome on a great jouney along the New South Wales coast and then onto Geelong in Victoria. In Victoria I was joined by my wife and daughter and we went to a few parties, caught up with family and friends and had a great family holiday. To return to Queensland were able to get another motorhome and we drove up the Newell highhway from Melbourne to Brisbane spending one day at the fantastic Western Plains Open Zoo in Dubbo, NSW.

The motorhomes we rented were for RELOCATION. The Motorhome we took to Melbourne was booked for 3 weeks by another family from Melbourne, but the motorhome was in Brisbane. So we had the job of getting it from Brisbane to Melbourne in 5 days. The cost was $1 per day for the motorhome plus $26 per day for insurance – thats $27 a day. Also you had to leave a bond to cover any damage you may do to the motorhome.

Some days we camped out next to the road, other days we stayed in caravan parks. We didn’t have to pay for restaurant meals or take away because we could cook everything ourselves. All we had to pay for was food, beer and fuel of course(sometimes there is also money allowed for fuel).

For more details about this great way to travel visit STAND BY CARS:

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