Almost Famous on 101.3FM

Today a group of Global Village students participated in a Media Tour in the Noosa Junction.  The students were recorded live by Noosa Community 101.3 radio host Jacqui who will play the recording on Monday 17th May between 8am and 9 am.  Tune into 101.3 FM to hear our almost famous students and read the Noosa Journal for our story in the upcoming weeks!

Meida Tour And Trailblazer Promo 0311

The tour started at Noosa Community Radio 101.3 where Rafael and Duncan performed some original music live on air.  The other students got to mention what they love about Noosa.  You will be able to tune into 101.3FM to hear what they had to say.

Meida Tour And Trailblazer Promo 027

Afterwards the tour group went behind the scenes at Noosa School of Rock to check out how musical recordings are developed with business owner Steven Smythe.

Meida Tour And Trailblazer Promo 045

From there, the students went on to Paul Smith’s photography studio to catch a glimpse of professional photography and editing at its finest with Melanie.

Meida Tour And Trailblazer Promo 049

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