A Postcard From Denmark

It is always good to keep in touch with former GV Noosa students and to find out what they are doing back in their own country or elsewhere in the world.

This week we were delighted to hear from Anne Ditte, who is now back in Denmark and putting her Noosa experience to great use in her new job:


Hi, I’m Anne Ditte from Denmark. I went to Noosa in March 2008. I studied the part-time General course for 3 weeks. I LOVED Noosa, the city had such a wonderful relaxed atmosphere surrounded with the beach and the National Park. The school and the tuition were a good mix of being serious and having fun at the same time. The level was high, which meant that you had to challenge yourself and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in those three weeks, especially because the teaching materials were high standard and you got through lots of subjects, which helped me to get a bigger vocabulary. I met so many wonderful people at school and I’m so fortunate to still be in contact with some of them! After my stay in Noosa I travelled around Australia for 2 months and after that I came home to Denmark, where I got a job at the language travel agency Bundgård Rejser. I love my job here at Bundgård Rejser and I get to use the English I learnt in Noosa every day.”


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