What’s a Sweep?

On Tuesday it was the first time for most of the GV students to participate in a sweep.  Whats a sweep?  Read below to find out more.


In Australia on the first Tuesday in November every year, a major horse race event known as ‘Melbourne Cup’ takes place in, you guessed it, Melbourne Victoria.


This year 24 horses competed in the race at Flemington.  Most Australians celebrate this day by wearing fancy hats, drinking champagne and most importantly by putting on a few bets.


A fun workplace activity is to organise a sweep.  A Melbourne Cup sweep is when you put all of the horse names singularly into a hat and each person involved in the sweep pays an agreed amount in exchange to pull out a horses name.  It’s a bit like a lucky dip.  All of the money then becomes a prize pool.  Who ever picked the winning horse gets to take the prize pool of money.

Most classrooms had their own sweep running and Nadia organised a couple more $2 sweeps for staff and students to participate in.


A Hinterland Day Tour  (courtesy of Tribal Travel) was given away to a student with the best hat and at 2pm in the kitchen the race was on!!!

Bets were down and sweeps were full.  Everyone was hoping for their horse to pull through into first place.  It was Amercain who crossed the finish line nose first, a horse which Lindsay our Registrar thought had no chance.

Americain 1751536C

Turns out Lindsay was off to buy new shoes with the $48 sweep one winnings and Teacher Michelle from America found it most appropriate when her horse Americain won her the $48 prize pool from sweep two.

Congratulations Ladies!!!

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