Sydney – Culinary experiences: Thai Feast & Spanish BBQ – 13 February 2024

A Culinary Adventure at Lexis Manly: Thai Feast & Spanish BBQ

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At Lexis Manly, we believe in the power of cultural exchange and appreciating diversity. Recently, our wonderful students from our IELTS Preparation and Advanced classes enjoyed a culinary experience to remember. These 2 classes came together with their teachers for an unforgettable culinary experience that showcased the vibrant flavors of Thailand and the sizzling delights of Spain.

Our IELTS class with their teacher Sam, had an awesome Thai Feast and our Advanced Evening class enjoyed a magnificent Spanish BBQ, with their teacher Andrew. As our students dived into the vibrant world of Spanish and Thai cuisine, our students were able to celebrate diversity, strengthen friendships, and appreciate the joy of shared meals.

🍜 Thai Feast: IELTS Preparation class with Sam

For our IELTS Preparation class, their teacher Sam made a wonderful Thai Feast for her students. Our teacher Sam is from Thailand, and made a wonderful, authentic Pad Thai for the main meal, followed by a yummy Thai Milk Tea for our students to enjoy.

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🍖 Spanish BBQ: Advanced class with Andrew 

As the sun began to set, the scent of smoky barbecue filled the air, signalling the start of our Spanish BBQ extravaganza for our Advanced class. Our teacher Andrew worked his magic on the BBQ, making grilled vegetables, prawns, and pork. Additionally, they also enjoyed a Spanish ‘tortilla de patatas’ which was made by 2 of our Spanish students.

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🤝 Celebrating Unity Through Food

As the events came to a close and our bellies full, it was clear that our Thai Feast and Spanish BBQ had accomplished more than just satisfying our culinary cravings. Through the shared experience of food, our students had come together as a Lexis Manly family to celebrate diversity, foster cultural appreciation, and strengthen bonds of friendship with their classmates.

Events like these remind us that food has the power to transcend language and cultural barriers, bringing people together in joyous celebration. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore the flavours of Thailand and Spain, and look forward to many more culinary adventures in the future with our awesome students at Lexis Manly!


Thank you to everyone for joining!


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