Sunshine Coast – Funky Friendship Bracelets – 17 April

Our wonderful students spent a beautiful afternoon making some funky friendship bracelets!

For our students, stepping into Lexis is not just about learning English, it’s also about forging new friendships.  One of the most beautiful aspects of making new friends at Lexis, is the diversity of perspectives and stories that each person brings to the table. Everyone has a unique journey and story, that enriches the learning experience and fosters a sense of connection.

Friendship Bracelets 7 Scaled

There’s something profoundly nostalgic and heartwarming about the art of making friendship bracelets. Often associated with childhood memories of summer camps and sleepovers, these colourful tokens of friendship are a beautiful reminder of our connection with others! Our students rediscovered the joy of crafting and connecting through the simple act of weaving beads into wearable expressions of friendship.

Friendship Bracelets 3 Scaled

Friendship Bracelets 1

Each bead added and knot tied is a symbol of friendship, each colour chosen a reflection of personality and shared memories. As the bracelets take shape, so do the bonds between students, strengthened by the shared experience of crafting together.

Friendship Bracelets 5


Friendship Bracelets 4 Scaled

Friendship Bracelets 6

Perhaps the most magical part of making friendship bracelets is the way they serve as tangible reminders of the bonds we share. Wearing one is like carrying a piece of your friends (old and new!) with you wherever you go, a silent nod to the laughter, support, and shared experiences that enrich our lives.

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