Stand up Paddle Boarding on the Brunswick River!!







Last weekend Lisa, Amanda and I booked to go stand up paddle boarding with Maya at Backpackers World Travel!

Our guide Aaron picked us up for our private tour on the Brunswick River on a balmy Sunday afternoon. After some simple instructions, we pushed our NSP boards out into the glassy green water and clambered on – and after a few initial wobbles we were off!

The tide was particularly high, and apparently when it is slightly lower it is not uncommon to see stingrays swimming around and under your board.

Paddling down the river was easier than expected – although having said that we did take a few tumbles! Lisa was the first in, and took to punctuating the trip with repeated splashes!

I also fell in repeatedly for no apparent reason, all of a sudden losing my balance and heading face first into the clear water!

Aaron showed us tricks and tips to improve stability on the board and manoeuvre comfortably – from turning 360, to doing a headstand! Amanda showed us all up by perfecting the headstand, whilst I fell in after trying to face the opposite direction!!

We steered our boards into the ‘tunnel of trees’, weaving through underwater tree roots and stumps – underneath a canopy of green branches. It was, without a doubt, the most peaceful way I can imagine spending a Sunday afternoon – very relaxing and in beautiful surroundings.

After making it out of the tunnel of trees, we moored our boards and went for swim in the chilly water, before climbing back on and paddling back among the pelicans to the jetty. We followed it up with halloumi burgers at The Rails and a wander through the Byron markets – where Amanda bought a hula hoop and I stuffed my face with mini pancakes and chocolate sauce.

The next day all of us felt the burn in our arms, shoulders and stomachs – exercise without even realising that we were doing it!!

If you’re interested in your own river adventure, book a trip with Byron Stand Up Paddle through Maya downstairs in the student lounge =)

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