Noosa – Warm Welcome to 6 New Students – 25th March

Today we are extending our greetings and a warm welcome to the new students who are joining us here in Noosa. Six new students from four countries, spanning from Spain to Japan!

As each new student steps into our Lexis family, we encourage you to connect, share, and embrace the rich cultures that now make up our diverse community. This is more than a language-learning journey; it’s an opportunity to form lasting friendships, exchange experiences, and create memories that span the globe.

To our new arrivals, we want you to feel right at home. Our staff and fellow students are here to assist you in settling into Lexis Noosa life. From navigating the classroom to discovering the hidden gems of Noosa, consider us your friendly support on this exciting adventure.

Welcome New Students

With open arms and eager hearts, we welcome these six new students to Lexis Noosa:

Here’s to the beginning of a remarkable journey for our 19 new students at Lexis English Noosa – may their time here be filled with discovery, growth, and the joy of mastering a new language!

Welcome to Lexis Noosa, where language learning is an adventure!

Not studying with us yet, but would like to?

Lexis Noosa delivers academic excellence in Australia’s most desirable study location where you can combine your studies with the great outdoors. Studying at Lexis Noosa is more than an experience, it’s a lifestyle! If you want more information on the courses that we offer, click here.

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