Noosa – Memorable Homestay Experiences – 16th March

“Kotone and Saki have got to be two of the most outgoing and happy pair of students I have hosted in my 12 years of being a host Mum!” – Homestay Mum

This coming Saturday on 18th March, will be an emotional morning as two Japanese students, Kotone and Saki have to say goodbye to their lovely host family and vise versa. The host Mum has said that the two girls have been the absolute best and that they’ve been so blessed to make such fun, lasting memories in such a short time together.

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 “From day one, they have been an absolute pleasure to host!” – Homestay Mum

Kotone and Saki share the same feelings as their time with their Noosa family comes to an end. They were always so excited and cheerful every day and always wanted to talk or participate in family activities within the household. The girls always spoke in English to one another even when engaging in conversations with the family and tried their best to learn the Australian culture every single day. In exchange, they willingly shared their Japanese culture with them too. Kotone and Saki shared many memorable experiences like folding origami, cooking dinner together, star gazing at night, training in juijitsu, surfing, boating and telling jokes with the family.

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Overall, the homestay family thoroughly enjoyed their time with Kotone and Saki, wishing they could have stayed longer. And it’s also safe to say that the girls had the time of their life with the host family, experiencing the Australian lifestyle. It’s been a memorable experience that both parties will treasure and hopefully Kotone and Saki’s time in Australia will travel back within their hearts to Japan.

From Lexis English Noosa and their host family, we say:

“HooRoo and see ya later”

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