Noosa – Fantastic Student of the Month – 19th May

Introducing Leandro Blasetti, also known as ‘Coco’ from Argentina. One of the kindest, most down-to-earth and positive people you’ll meet.

At Lexis Noosa, we have the pleasure of meeting so many incredible students that we remember long after they leave us. Today, we are spotlighting exactly one of those students; Leandro Blasetti or ‘Coco’. He’s only been with us for 7 weeks so far, however from the moment we met him, it was almost like we’d known him forever. Coco is so friendly and loves having a good ol’ chat to absolutely anyone as this helps improve his English. He’s high on life and feels extremely grateful for every opportunity he gets, and this is why we love Coco!

Student Of The Month

1. Tell us a little about yourself Coco! 
I am 37 years old and grew up in a small town of approximately 400 people in Argentina. In Argentina, I studied Business Management in High School, and then I went to University to study a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science. After this, I managed to do a degree in Engineering of Manufacturing and Organization which continued onto Supply Chain Management for a multinational company. My intention to study has never stopped as I love it!

2. How did you get your nickname and what does it mean?
Why do people call me Coco? Coco comes from Cocole which is my father’s nickname. When he was a child, his mother (my grandmother) used to make a typical Spanish meal which was snails in tomato sauce. When they went shopping together for the ingredients, my father always confused the snails with shelled nuts and would say, “Cocole”! The shop assistant then called my father Cocole, so when I was born my nickname became Coco.

3. Why did you choose to study in Australia and why Noosa in particular?
Three years ago, my partner and I lived in Spain together as we both got scholarships at the University of Mallorca, where we did a master’s degree in Big Data Analyst. One day, I got a great job offer but unfortunately when I met the CEO, I realized it was not good as I did not have enough knowledge of English. It was in that moment, I decided to look for a country to study English and like a lightbulb, Australia it was! Bingo!

I loved growing up in a small town so instantly, Noosa was chosen by me. Bingo again! Noosa has everything I wanted as it’s a small town but has everything you need. It has a beautiful river, stunning beaches and has so much nature surrounding it – all within a close range. I haven’t been anywhere else in Australia yet. I flew into Sydney airport and then flew directly to Sunshine Coast airport and then to Noosa.
I have only been living here for 2 months and I am already in love with Noosa!

4. Do you have any bucket-list things to do in Australia?
Honestly, I don’t have a list of things to see and do in Australia, however I do have goals here. My first goal being, ‘learn English’. I am currently on a student visa for another 9 months, but I will definitely renew it once it ends. I want to get better at English, out of conviction and because my profession demands it. I believe an engineer without English is like a surgeon without s scalpel. Little by little, step by step, I will improve.

5. What are you favourite things about Lexis Noosa?
Lexis is like one big family! Just like Primary School, where you go to school Monday to Friday and learn and play all day long. It makes me feel young again! I love the amount of people you meet from all over the world, from so many cultures, languages and histories. It’s so amazing for me!

I am very happy with my decision to move here and will continue it in the best way. To think that I arrived with zero English and within 7 weeks, I can talk and write like this! I am really happy with my progress, and this reflects on the teachers and the school staff. It’s a beautiful work environment.

6. What is your lifestyle like outside of Lexis?
My lifestyle outside of Lexis is pretty busy. I currently have 3 jobs – I am a kitchenhand in a restaurant, a pizza chef at another and I also work for a food delivery platform. So who knows, maybe one night I will knock on your door delivering you food! I do not like to sit still, and I look at my jobs as a way of improving my English. I spend hours interacting with people, meeting people and making new contacts which is all steps to improve. I also think of my jobs as new opportunities in life.

Amongst studying full-time and working 3 jobs, I still enjoy my free time. I generate hours with my girlfriend to go surfing, walk by the river, cook in the park and meet new friends!

7. Lastly, tell us a fun fact or two about yourself?
Something funny is happening to me now, and it reminds me of my hometown where everyone knows everyone. Everyday that I go out, I hear someone say to me, “Hey Coco!”
If it’s not a classmate, it’s a coworker or teacher or even neighbour. Last Saturday, I was at a bar with my girlfriend and some random person said, “Hey, it’s the delivery guy!”.
I said, “It’s me, Coco. Nice to meet you”, we then sat at the table together chatting away and getting to know each other.

I love this life. I love interacting with people. I love passing people on the sidewalk, and even if they don’t know you, they greet you! I love Noosa. I hope this love lasts!

Coco Coco1 Coco2 Coco3 Coco4

Coco will continue his studies at Lexis Noosa for another 17 weeks and we look forward to getting to know him more. He always has a smile on his face which makes our days brighter! Thank you Coco!

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