Noosa – Exciting Table Tennis Tournament! – 8th March

Our students enjoyed watching and participating in our exciting Table Tennis Tournament yesterday!

The new Table Tennis table at the Noosa campus has become very popular! Our students love to play on their breaks and after school, making it a much-loved activity at our campus! So it was only fair to organise a Table Tennis Tournament for the students to put their talents to the test.

We had 12 participants in total and a whole lot of spectators, enjoying the excitement of watching their friends compete. The tournament was a round robin styled competition, meaning that for each game, the winner would proceed to the next round and the losing student would unfortunately be knocked out of the competition.

Ping Pong 2

The matches were intense but fun, with lots of laughter and friendly banter exchanged between players. There were some incredible shots made, and some lucky ones too, but overall, it was a lot of fun.

Our spectators were very involved, cheering and encouraging their friends who played in the tournament. They created a fun and exciting atmosphere for our players.

Ping Pong 1


In the end, we crowned the winning student, Keito! Keito is quite experienced in the game of table tennis as he plays Table Tennis as a competitive sport in Japan. Well done Keito!

It was a great way to spend the afternoon engaging in some friendly competition!

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