Noosa – Beautiful and Relaxing Sip ‘N’ Colour-In – 21st February

A relaxing and creative mid-week activity, sipping on wine and coloring in.

Wednesdays at Lexis Noosa are not just about midweek blues; they’re about unwinding and unleashing creativity. This week, a group of vibrant students embarked on a colourful journey through a ‘Sip n’ Colour-In’ session, transforming their Wednesday afternoon into a delightful blend of relaxation and artistic expression.

With a glass of wine in hand, the students surrounded themselves in a world of creativity, each stroke of colour breathing life into their chosen designs. From Indigenous dot work to Australian wildlife, the tables became canvases for individual expression, reflecting the unique perspectives and personalities of their creators.

Sip N Colour-InAs the afternoon unfolded, the room echoed with laughter and conversation, filled by the rhythmic sound of pencils scratching against paper and soft music playing in the background. Language barriers melted away as students exchanged tips, admired each other’s work, and bonded over their shared love for creativity.

The “sip” component of the ‘sip N color-in’ experience played an equally vital role. Lexis Noosa provided a selection of delectable wines, from sweet Rose, through to crisp Sauvignon Blanc and smooth Shiraz. This allowed the students to unwind and enjoy their beverages while fully immersing themselves in the art-making process. The calming effect of savoring these drinks while engaged in artistic endeavors served as a delightful relief from the stress of English learning.

Naturally, no creative afternoon accompanied by wine would be complete without some snacks as well. Our students enjoyed bowls of chips and sweets, adding a delightful touch to complement the wine and satisfy their cravings.

Colour Colour1 Colour2 Colour4 Colour9 Colour8 Colour5 Colour7 Colour6 Colour11 Colour12 Colour10

Colour13For some, the experience was a chance to unwind and express their creativity in a relaxed setting. For others, it was an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape and forge connections with their fellow classmates.

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