Lexis Brisbane – The Ekka – 03 August 2022

A Spinning Carnival Ride

This Saturday marks the start of the Royal Queensland Show. Affectionately known as the Ekka, the Royal Queensland Show is an annual event that attracts 400 000 visitors each year.  The Ekka aims to bring the country and city together to celebrate Queensland’s agriculture. Visitors can enjoy award-winning food, rides, show bags, animals and performances.

The Ekka is so popular that there is a public holiday on Wednesday the 10th of August. Our Brisbane office will be closed for the day so that we can all enjoy a Dagwood dog at the Ekka.

Here are some top Ekka tips from our Lexis Brisbane staff:

“The strawberries and cream ice cream are the best. You should definitely try one!”
– Ali, Student Services Coordinator

“The Morten District Display is a unique type of artwork. I make sure to visit it every year.”
– Maria, Accommodation Coordinator

“When you visit the animals, watch out for the alpacas! They are known to try to eat your hair.”
– Nami, Graphic Designer

“I enjoy seeing all of the livestock. The cows are awesome.”
– Trent, Campus Manager

“There are lots of great performances. You should check the schedule to find performances that you are interested in.”
– Brittany, Advanced Class Teacher

“The Ekka has so many cute animals. I love seeing and patting the ducks in the animal nursery.”
– Alison, CAE Teacher

Our students at Lexis Brisbane will have the opportunity to visit the Ekka together on Tuesday the 9th of August. See reception for more information.

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